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IIPM, New Delhi - College of the week


The Indian Institute of Planning and Management, New Delhi


The Institute

The Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) was established in 1973 with Dr. MK Chaudhuri as the director. The First residential full time post graduate diploma programme commenced in August 1974.

The IIPM is headquartered in Delhi’s Qutab Institutional Area, where it operates from two buildings, the New IIPM Tower and the Old IIPM Tower. The Institute has a five acre campus in Mehrauli and another of the same size near Gurgaon, IIPM has branches in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune.


The Institute offers MBA, BBA, Fellowship & Executive Education programmes along with gobal opportunities and Threats Analysis programmes supported by organisations like United Nations like United Nations( Geneva) World Bank, LLO, Nestle SA Vevey, INSEAD, IMD Lausanne and Credit Suisse.

MBA Program: This two year full time residential program is recognized and accepted by the International Management Institute, Belgium, one of the world’s leading business schools, Offered Currently at the Asian (New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore & Chennai) Campuses of IIPM, students have the option of transferring their credits to IMI Belgium and continue their studies there.

Students study core subjects in the first year related to National Economic Planning, Marketing and BBA Students of IIPM Who successfully complete the first year in India are eligible to go to IMI for the duration of one trimester in the second year. The students would stay and study at the Antwerp Campus of IMI in Belgium.

BBA Program: The bachelors programme is a three year full time residential course and is recognized and accepted by the International Management Institute, Belgium. In the First Year, students study foundation courses on Marketing, HR, Finance, Foreign Languages, Culture, Executive Communication, Quantitative Techniques and General Awareness. Core Subjects are taken up in the second year and in the third year, they go on to advanced core paper. Students have to submit a thesis dissertation at the end of the program.

BBA Students of IIPM, after working for two years in the industry, are automatically awarded the MBA degree.

IIPM-fellowship Programs: The IIPM Fellowship programmes support research in various management areas through sponsored support of research associates who are high academic achievers and have relevant professional experience. While the fellowship is a full time residential programme that might span a period between three to six years of research study, IIPM’s Executive Fellowship programme is focused on working executives with high research orientations, IIPM fellows are provided a monthly stipend alone with various other facilities. The fellowship programs are generally either

spon-personnel & Industrial Relations, Finance & Accounting, Production, Quantitative Techniques and IT Systems. In the second year, there are compulsory specializations related to Marketing and IT students also have a choice of taking up an additional specialization- Finance or Human Resources. Students have to submit a thesis dissertation at the end of the program.

European Exchange Program with IMI: All MBA sored programs or self financing programs.

Executive Education Programs: There programmes are specifically focused on working executives in organizations. They are conducted in various management areas (Sales, Marketing, Behavioral Science, IT systems, Finance and strategic Planning). These Programs are conducted by the Human Resource Intelligence Cell (HRIC) alone with the center for corporate Identity & Strategy Development.

Threats Analysis (GOTA) Program: Students joining any course at IIPM have the option to undergo short term study tours in selected countries


Admission are based on a written test group discussion and interview.


New Delhi: IIPM Tower, C-10 Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi-110016

Mumbai: IIPM Tower, Junction of 32 nd and SV Road, Bandra(W), Mumbai

Bangalore: IIPM Tower, 419,100 ft Road, Koramangala, Bangalore

Chennai: IIPM Tower, 145, Marshall’s Road, Egmore, Chennai-08

Pune: IIPM Tower, 993/4, Bhandarkar Road, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune-04


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